CARLSBRO CSD600 Full mesh head electronic drum kit with real h-hat

NEW - Best value full mesh head kit on the market plus REAL FEEL HI-HAT WITH STAND. Mesh heads give the closest feel to normal drum skins and this kit is equipped throughout with mesh heads including the bass drum - PLUS the CSD600 includes a rubber hi hat pad on a stand that gives the feel of a conventional open/close hi hat cymbal. The Carlsbro CSD600 9-Piece Electronic mesh head drum kit comprises of the new Commander 600 sound module, five mesh drum pads (1 x 8” Bass pad with kick pedal, 1 x 10“ dual zone snare, 2 x 8” dual zone rack toms and 1 x 10″ dual zone floor tom), four cymbals (2x 12” Dual-zone crash cymbals with choke, 1 x 14″ Three-zone ride cymbal with choke and 1 x 12“ Hi-Hat cymbal with a hardware open close hi-hat stand. The Commander 600 sound module features a 2.8″ LCD screen, 20 user defined drum kits, 30 preset drum kits, 408 high quality percussion voices 20 demo songs, coaching and learning function, numerous reverb settings, EQ, filter and tuning adjustments. 2.8″ TFT LCD display 408 high quality percussion voices 30 preset drum kits 20 user defined drum kits 20 demo songs Aux in jack, Line outputs, Headphone output USB MIDI interface (USB to device) USB data memory transfer MIDI IN/OUT Recording and playback facility Adjustable sensitivity and crosstalk Metronome Coaching and learning function 6 Reverb settings EQ adjustments and filters Drum voice tuning Hi-hat ctrl supports splash Supports double bass pedal FOR LOCAL CUSTOMERS (PLEASE CHECK FOR DETAILS) WE OFFER A FREE SET UP SERVICE IF REQUIRED. NOTE : DELIVERY TIME NORMALLY 1-3 WORKING DAYS,BUT PLEASE CHECK FOR CURRENT STOCK POSITION BEFORE ORDERING

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